Avon, CO

It can be hard to tell where EagleVail ends and Avon begins, but either way, the real estate here has much to offer, particularly if you’re looking for comfort and convenience. Avon bills itself as “the heart of the Valley,” an apt description given its geographically central location, as well as being a hub of commerce and activity.

If Avon is “the heart of the Valley,” the heart of Avon is Nottingham Lake. This placid, high mountain lake is flanked by the Avon Recreation Center and other government offices as well as trails and parks. It provides opportunities for water sports like Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Paddle Boats and is the sight of many a memory-making picnic. Nearby, are numerous condos and townhomes that offer some of the best living around: proximity to world-class ski resorts Vail and Beaver Creek and a cozy small-town feel – but all the services and amenities of a big city.

Above Avon on the northern ridges, you’ll find Wildridge, an area that provides mountain living with gorgeous views of the Avon valley and, farther on, Beaver Creek resort on the opposite mountainside. There are houses and condos in Wildridge, a popular home base for fulltime residents and renters. They come here for the dramatic views, for the quick drive to Beaver Creek resort when they want to hit the slopes, for the elegant, mountain-chic architecture, for the extensive network of trails right out their back doors and for the frequent visits from wildlife. They come for all the same reasons that you’ll come.