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For almost 20 years, Eagle, Colorado has been kicking around the idea of developing a second water treatment plant.  The biggest obstacle has been how to fund the project.  After hammering out new cost saving measures with subcontractors, the engineering company that would run the project figured that it could save the Town almost $650,000 on construction costs.  As well, the Town saved itself more than an additional #100,000 by waiving many of the fees it would normally charge for such a a project.

How does Eagle propose to pay for it?  The Town will borrow up to $19 million and the rest would be covered by $10 million that the Town has saved up in a “special fund”.   And, the more water that the consumers would use, the higher their rates will be.

For more information click here: https://www.vaildaily.com/news/eagle-oks-new-26-7-million-water-treatment-plant-and-fee-structure-to-pay-for-it/

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