Elway’s Steakhouse to Replace Mickey’s in Vail Village

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Mickey's in Vail Village to close July 31st

Mickey's in Vail Village will close on July 31st after more than 35 years.

After 35 years, Mickey Poage will no longer have a home in the village. Mickey’s in Vail Village is set to close after July 31st and will be replaced by an Elway’s steakhouse. New construction will begin on August 31st.

Residents and visitors only have 11 more days to enjoy the iconic Vail Village lounge. Mickey Poage says that due to requests, he will end his set on Sunday, July 31st with “The Last Run of the Day,” a song he wrote years ago.

The deal with Elway’s has been in the works for months, but plans were not finalized until earlier this month. Mickey will decide if he wants to take the business elsewhere or let it go altogether.

Even though the business as we know will exist no longer, Poage accepts the outcome and appreciates all of the love and support he has received from the Vail community. Speaking about the upcoming Elway’s business Mickey had this to say: “I’ve heard they run a very good operation. They’re very good at what they do.”

Come on out to Mickey’s in Vail Village before it is gone forever. The Mickey’s period may be coming to a close, but we will always remember the great times we had there. I hope to see you at the Lodge!

Photo courtesy of Vail Daily

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