Steadman Hawkins Clinic Changes Name!

By In Events & Happenings On March 9, 2010

Vail’s world-renowned orthopedic clinic has changed its name.  The venerable Steadman Hawkins Clinic, founded in 1990, is now called just The Steadman Clinic.  As well, the clinic’s research arm, the Steadman Hawkins Research Foundation, will now be called the Steadman Philippon Research Institute.

Nothing changes in the clinic’s work of diagnosing, and treating, orthopedic injuries; but, rather, the name change has been necessitated by the fact that Dr. Hawkins has relocated to South Carolina.  As such, the clinic is emphasizing the fact that it treats all areas of orthopedic disorders — not just shoulders and knees.

To find out more about what is being offered in both the clinic and at the Institute, go to the related story in the Vail Daily: Steadman Hawkins Clinic Changes Name.

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