The Crystal Grotto at Beaver Creek

By In The Vail Valley On March 11, 2010

Tim Linhart, and his wife Birgitta, have created an entirely new frontier of ice, music and the winter wonderland at the top of the Centennial chairlift on Beaver Creek Mountain.

They’re responsible for the Crystal Grotto — a concert hall, made of ice, water, and snow, in which the music is played on ice instruments.

Last weekend, one of my daughters, her family, myself, and my partner went to the “Grotto” to see what it was all about.    We just took a little time out of our ski day.  It was a fantastic experience.  To see a giant igloo which houses an “ice and snow” amphitheatre, all “lit” up with various colored lights; and, to see, and hear, an actual band belting out popular tunes while playing instruments made of ice (these are traditional musical instruments, mind you, with struts and strings, drums, and, even, a xylophone) is quite an adventure.  And, one which you should see, and hear, at least once.

Seating 150 people, The Crystal Grotto is located near Spruce Saddle Restaurant. The 45-minute performances at this unique ice theater are at 1 pm and 3 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and select Fridays throughout the winter.  You don’t have to go expecting a spiritual experience; you just have to go and sit, watch and listen.

Tickets are sold each week for the upcoming weekend’s shows only.  For additional information go to:

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