The North Trail is a Local Favorite

By In Events & Happenings On September 30, 2014

If you enjoy hiking or mountain biking – or any other outdoor activities for that matter – then you’re sure to have some outdoor fun in the Vail Valley. There are a ton of trails around the Vail Valley that we highly recommend you check out, including the North Trail, which is a local favorite. North Trail

At a 2,500 feet climb and a distance of 12 miles, the North Trail is not an easy trail to hike and is especially difficult for mountain biking – therefore it’s recommended that only expert mountain bikers tackle this particular trail. However, it’s one of the most popular trails in the Vail Valley for a reason – in addition to being one of the more easily accessible trails, it’s also one of the most scenic. It’s not uncommon to find the trail being used by hikers, dog walkers, runners, bikers and even horseback riders.

The trail is also quite popular during the winter months, when snowboarders and backcountry skiers both use the trail in order to access the south facing slopes.

Be sure to check out the North Trail and contact our Cole Luxury Team for additional information about the Vail Valley area today.

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