Understand Vail’s New Recycling Rules

By In Events & Happenings On April 2, 2014

Finally after working out all the details, Vail now has new recycling rules in place. The new rules take effect on April 2nd, 2014. Because some of the local businesses are still dealing with the logistics of mandated recycling, the Vail Planning and Environmental Commission is now able to grant exemptions for up to two years.

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Steep fees of almost $1,000 and up to 180 days in jail can be levied if more than 25 percent of a designated bin is found to have incorrect recyclable materials or trash in it. For businesses who may not have total control over their bins, such as a restaurant whose bins are located in a parking lot or alley, the new exemption rule will apply.

Another change is the requirement  to have bear-resistant bins. Because of the cost of these bins, a compromise was suggested that allows people without these bins to put their regular bins out on pick-up day. This compromise was voted down in favor of a rebate program for the difference in cost between the two bins.

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