Vail Valley Medical Center Considering Expansion

By In Featured, The Vail Valley On August 1, 2014

The Vail Valley has been attracting more residents over the last few years, which may be one of the reasons why the Vail Valley Medical Center is currently considering expansion.

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The Vail Valley Medical Center is currently thinking about investing in a large project that would include an entirely new floor, a parking structure and several other improvements to the facility. The hospital hopes to make these changes by 2018 and have presented their master plan for review by the town council as well the planning and environmental commission.

More specifically, the improvements include a new entrance for orthopedic patients, a separate entrance to the emergency room, a new west wing and a fourth floor. They are also considering a helipad on the roof – the current helipad is between South Frontage Road and I-70, which means there is a slight delay from getting patients from the helipad to the hospital.

The Vail Valley Medical Center would like to have the plan approved in the next few months so that the project will be finished by 2018. For more information about living in the Vail Valley, be sure to contact us at our Cole Luxury Team by calling 970-390-0026 today.

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