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A new trail will connect Eagle-Vail to Minturn on Forest Service land. And, it’s all happening due to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers.
When the Whiskey Creek Trail that connected Minturn to Eagle-Vail closed to mountain bikers in 2011, a new, alternative, trail was found on Forest Service land. However, the trail, to be called Everkrisp, was going to be difficult; not only because part of it is located on a steep slope; but, also, due to the fact that the Forest Service Rangers were too far behind on day-to-day maintenance of existing trails to consider adding a new trail.
This is where the “volunteer” part came in. Creating an “adopt-a-trail” program, hundreds of volunteers and funds were raised to create a new position at the Forest Service to manage the plan. In August of this year, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado organized a set of work sessions to help work on the new trail. Almost 300 volunteers showed up for the work sessions, showing what can be accomplished with volunteer efforts.
There is, still, much work to be done before the snow flies; but, hopefully, with the efforts of those volunteers, and many others, most of the trail work will be done.
To find out more about the new trail, the volunteer efforts involved and how to get involved yourself: https://www.vaildaily.com/news/new-trail-will-connect-eagle-vail-to-minturn-on-forest-service-land-volunteers-needed/

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